David VanCronkhite

David VanCronkhite believes in a supernatural, relational way of life that is established on a love of God and inevitably leading to the love of one another. The purpose of God transforming us is to create lovers and to “become human as God intended.” The story of David’s own transformation begins with a spiritual DNA change by “The Mysterious Seed” and a supernatural awakening that took him first into deep darkness where God could deconstruct the “systems of man” he knew too well. From there he began a journey into love and faith and re-centering on a foundation of the Kingdom of God.

Today, David’s message centers on a single statement some 40 years in the making: “If the Kingdom of God is anything–and it is everything–it is relational, supernaturally relational established on a foundation of love.” He is passionate about the Gospels of the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the availability of God’s unfathomable love to all.

In 1991 David and his wife Janice answered a call to the poor and homeless of Atlanta’s inner city. This outreach became a ministry of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, through whom David was ordained, and eventually became an independent church and outreach called Blood n Fire Ministries with works in 5 nations and 21 cities. In 2008 David transitioned to a new calling, expanding from signs and wonders, evangelism, and compassion to the call of Agape love. Today The Agape Transformation has become David’s focus to bring re-centering on the new foundation of the ineffable Kingdom of God. He also leads FireCreek Mountain, a 58-acre retreat center focused on creating relational intimacy between one another and God.


15 responses to “David VanCronkhite

  • Mike Lynch

    David, Love and miss you.

  • Herman Harris

    Pastor David,Love you and miss you, Thanks

  • : God Three, Me Zero

    […] goals are. When I thought that God wanted me to help out with the food ministry at Blood-n-Fire (Sobre Le Mesa) I volunteered to put together a Communications Manual and to assist in organizing the efforts of […]

  • Keith Dougherty

    Son of david from down under grandson of your son love the spirit not the man miss you and janice Zack and John and all my brother and sister in christ Keith

  • frank

    Hello David, Good to see your still growing in the LORD. It’s been so long since the Hong Kong trip back in 1999 just would like to thank you for all that you tried to do for me. Forgive me for leaving the way that I did. God Bless Frank

  • Brenda Batiste

    Dear David,

    Blessed to know you are still going strong in the love of the Lord. My heart is aching for the “Blood-N-Fire” days. Keep me in your prayers: that I may first be certain of the path God desires for me, secondly, that I may not hesitate at the call, and lastly, that I may fervently seek Him to know, to love, and to serve Him.

    Much love. Much peace. Much power.


    Brenda Batiste

    • VanCronkhite David

      It is very good to hear from you. Of course will be praying with you. Those days were unbelievable full of favor, grace and Innocence. Yet today, I tell you is so much more – the journey to here, to a new beginning on a different foundation is quiet amazing. Be greatly encouraged. With very fond memories and looking forward to what’s ahead for you…much love, peace and power back on you..dvc

  • Patrick Keown

    Pastor David,
    I’m a pastor in Anderson ,sc you know the Bible Belt . I’m sure you don’t remember me I was apart of a team from Brownsville revival that had the awesome opportunity to come and serve while you were still at the warehouse. My life began the transformation those times on the floor in the warehouse , I’ve never been the same. I ve never been influenced by anyone the way Jesus used you to love me. In turn Passion Church in Anderson , sc is still receiving an impartation from the kingdom message that was ministered those days. People come in to worship and weep not because of religion but of the Fathers Love. I’ve often told my wife I’ve been very blessed to have had an awesome dad and mom a tremendous family, etc. But I consider you because of Gods season in Atlanta, even if I’ve never seen you since to be one of the greatest kingdom influences in my life. You introduced me to Jesus even in the middle of revival.
    I pray this finds you although I can’t really express my heart in words. You are a spiritual Father to me because God ordained a true impartation into my heart through you.
    You are a gift from The Lord and thank you so much!
    Pastor Patch Keown

  • Kim Romer

    I wanted to know if there are still Church services in the Atlanta Area. The last service I attended was in the warehouse on M.L.K back in 2000 -2003 .I would like to come back to visit, I enjoyed the service. Blessings:

  • Pastor DeVor Dandy

    Pastor David you & Paster Janice & Blood & Fire Ministries changed our lives & shaped our Ministry(Children’s Bread Ministries,Inc. Of ATL). Since you guys imparted your love for the lost into us, we’ve had a burning GODLY desire to help the less fortunate & by GOD’S grace lead them to CHRIST. Thank you both sooo much! Please like our Facebook page, Children’s Bread Ministries,Inc. & take a look @ our Outreach photos.

    Pastor DeVor & Angie Dandy (678-358-0406)
    May GOD continually bless you in JESUS ‘ great NAME!

  • Pastor Dale Spencer

    Hello Pastor, it’s been a very long time, How are you.

  • Ron Johnson

    David It’s been to long. I’m doing well. Let me know where I can send a little support. I’ve never forgetten the Sunday I spent with you at Blood and Fire Minisitreis. Ron Johnson, 4618 Appleglen St, Antioch, CA 94531, 925 706 9700, rjhealth@sbcglobal.net.

  • Melissa Hardnett

    Hello David and Janice,

    I couldn’t go to sleep and you crossed my mind. It’s good to know that the ministry is going strong and it’s about agape love and relationship. I want to thank you for Blood and Fire. My life was loosing hope and Blood and Fire was a light in a dark place. I was so blessed when you let me and my x-husband stay at the shelter. The food was delicious and the services were inspiring. Blood and Fire was a safe haven for me and it gave me the opportunity to regroup. My name is Melissa and I was married to Tim. May God continue to move in your lives and give you the strength to serve. Thank you.

  • Bill Harris

    Well Howdy Sweet Brother. Call me when it suits you Please…

    Wild Bill in Duncanville (Harris)



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